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Some of the services we can offer

Sand casting

The plant has great flexibility and provides nice surfaces and small drop angles.


All castings are blasted or hurled before delivery, we now have two plants in operation.

Chill casting

We use the method static cokill casting of detail weights up to 10 kg.

Heat treatment

Is a very important part of the manufacturing process. In heat treatment, a better combination of strength and hardness is reached.


We process in advanced machining centers and controlled response machines.

Hard mold casting

Forming is done with water glass-bound sand and the detail weight varies between 0.1-about 100 kg. This casting method is also suitable for the production of prototypes.

We have equipment for prototype production as well as for large and small series.

Sedenborgs and its employees shall deliver products and services to both internal and external customers at the right time, at the right cost and characterized by a high environmental awareness. Through continuous improvements, the business's commitments shall aim at zero errors.

The quality level of products and services must be so high as to constitute a buying argument while minimising environmental factors and preventing pollution. All employees should know what requirements apply from subsequent internal or external customer and be able to make demands on internal and external suppliers. The impact of activities on the external environment shall be constantly improved with regard to odour, noise and waste management. Deliveries of new product or use of new process must not take place until accepted quality and environmental level is reached and all safety requirements are met. All applicable laws, regulations and other relevant requirements are known to staff and must be complied with. Consider environmental aspects in every decision taken at all levels of the company and to actively work to prevent pollution of the external environment. Marketing activities that create unreasonable customer expectations of the product must not occur.


Maskin Namn Typ X-Axel Y-Axel Z-Axel Roterande Antal verktygplats Varvtal
HURCO VMX 30U 762 508 520 5Axl. 24 15000
MATSUURA 760VX RA-3 760 440 570 3Axl. 30 5000
Matsuura MC 760V2 760 440 570(+150 height) 4Axl. 30 5000
MORI SEIKI MV 65 1270 650 650(+200 elevated) 4Axl. 40 5000
MATSUURA MC 760V2 760 440 850 4Axl. 30 5000
MATSUURA MC 760V2 760 410 635 3Axl. 30 4500
MATSUURA MC 560V 560 400 450 3Axl. 20 7000
MATSUURA MC 500V2 510 360 600 3Axl. 20 4000
MORI SEIKI MV 55 1050 550 760 3Axl. 30 4000
HERMLE 2pcs C 40U 650 600 500 5Axl. 38 18000
NIIGATA HN50A 900 650 650 4Axl. 40 4000
HURCO VTXU 800 700 510 5Axl. 48 12000
MATSUURA MC 800V 800 450 685 3Axl. 30 5000
MORI SEIKI NH5000 DCG 730 730 850 4 AXL 40 14000


Moulding system

The HWS moulding machine method used by the moulding machine is seiatsu air current-press method. The facility has large flexibility and provides fine surfaces and small drop angles. Brim size 770 x 600 mm. Maximum forming height is about 280+280mm with the possibility of 330mm in the top.

Hard mold casting

Forming is done with water glass-bound sand and the detail weight varies between 0.1- about 100 kg. In the manufacture of vacuum forming tools, channels (steel tubes) for temperature control are instilled. This casting method is also suitable for manufacturing prototypes.

Chill casting

We use the static cokill casting method weights up to 10 kg.


A little history about us

  • 1939


    In 1939 the founder of Sedenborgs Metallgjuteri Nore Sedenborg bought a plot of land in Kvicksund of approximately 2,000 m2. The intention was that he would eventually build a house there.

  • 1944

    First casting

    In 1944, he bought another plot of land directly adjacent to the first. There was the first casting in 1944.

  • 1950


    By the end of the 1950s, the foundry had a heyday with a total of 7 employees. Man al- and Cu castings in sand moulds.

  • 1957

    Chill casting

    In 1957, cokill casting began aluminium alloys.

  • 1971


    In 1971, the company was converted into a limited liability company.

  • 1978

    Lars Sedenborg

    In 1978, Nore Sedenborg retired from sick 59 years Lasse Sedenborg, then 24 years old, bought the company from his father. The price was SEK 675,000. He had already in 1975 taken over responsibility for the company.

  • 1984


    In 1984, the company begins processing the goods.

  • 1994


    Sedenborgs Metallgjuteri invested in 1994 in a new make-up machine Hws. The investment was SEK 6.5 million. The foundry employed 8 people during the autumn 1994.

  • 2006


    In 2006 Aluminiumproduktion AB was bought in Kristinehamn. During the years 2006 - 2009, SEK 20 million is invested in machinery and buildings

  • 2018


    The business is currently run in its own premises of approximately 8,000 square meters. Number 40 people (2008), of which 36 are in Kvicksund and 4 in Eskilstuna.

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